one of those days!

Yesterday was one of those days. You know where nothing goes right or the way you want. Lets make a list of those things (because everybody loves list)

  • I was down with cold
  • S (my daughter) is teething that means cranky baby +marathon nursing+no sleep = irritated+tired mother.
  • Husband kept asking silly questions all day which made me want to punch him in the face.(I didn’t)
  • House was mess. Every surface was covered with clothes,toys,papers.
  • Did I mention no sleep?
  • We went to playground in the evening where S tried to taste every dirty thing from ground. So we had to run around her all the time yelling not to mouth everything.
  • From playground to home husband again asked some silly questions which lead me to shout at him. He kept quite after that.
  • Coming home I was dead tired and wanted to just lie down and read. But S was super clingy and wouldn’t let me read.
  • After chaotic dinner (I wont go into details) we settled for another marathon nursing night.

So that was my yesterday. Hope yours was better.


OMG! It’s been year and half..


..since I last posted on this blog. It may look like I abandoned my blog but that’s not true.  A lot has happened since. Let me tell you the existing news first . I’m a mom now. Yes I gave birth to a little princess. She is now 16 months old. Life has become busier and lot more crazier running around her. That’s why I was away.

Now I have decided to pay some attention to my this baby(i.e.-my blog).  I’ll be posting here when I get some time to breath and relax. So if you are still out there reading this,let me thank you my dear friends for sticking around. I’ll try harder to show up often I promise.

Back to the World of Blogging (And The Most Interesting Thing I did in Meantime)

I was away from blogging world for long time. I had to take complete rest for few months due to my health issue. I wont talk about that here. Because it’s personal and bit of boring to readers. Instead I will tell you the most interesting thing I did in that time. As I was on my don’t-do-anything-just-rest mode, I had a lot of time to kill. As you konw I am book lover,I thought why not use this free time to do a little book adventure.


I am huge fan of Harry Potter books.I like the idea of magical world. Reading these books, I can escape to that fascinating, adventurous,magical new world for hours/days. One day lying in bed an idea occur to me,why not read all the seven books back-to-back? Thus the adventure began. I got lost in magic. I read all seven books one by one in just three weeks. But the adventure didn’t end there. After reading all books,I thought why not watch all the movies as well? Actually I don’t like Harry Potter movies as much as books. But they are quit good. So I started to watch a movie per day. And finished all eight movies in seven days.(watched deathly hallows 1&2 same day)

I enjoyed every minute of this Harry Potter adventure. It was awesome. Now I am planning to do these kind of adventures with another books. Lets see whats next?

STOP Doing That!!


Have you ever finished a boring book/movie just because you started reading/watching it. However stupid you thought it was,you completed it just for the heck of it. Well I was that person not long time ago. I kept doing things I no longer enjoy or total useless to me because I was already doing it/ already started it/ already paid for it. This mindset was very bad and unproductive for me. It’s called the “Sunk Cost Fallacy.” It was costing me time/money/energy.

Then I reintroduced this word in my life..“STOP”

Recently I stopped reading ‘Inferno.’ I really wanted to like it,but it just wasn’t for me. So I set it aside. Same thing I did for my health. I was very lazy about doing exercise. I’ll find any excuse to avoid it. One day I decided to STOP making excuses and start doing workout. Now I love every minute of it. Today if ‘I don’t have time/energy for exercise’ kind of excuses come to my mind, I yell STOP at them and start doing my warm-up. In past if I paid for meal, I made sure to eat it all even if I was full. But I realize it wasn’t good for my health. Now if I’m full I say STOP to myself and leave remaining food on my plate. It saves me from bloated stomach.

I finally understood that its ok to stop doing things which no longer holds appeal to you. We all have things in our lives that we continue to do simply because we started them. But just stopping things all the time won’t make you successful. However stopping useless things so that you can divert that extra time, energy, and willpower to completing more important projects will. I struggle now and then applying this in my life. But I am getting there. Now I say STOP to unwanted things and start doing things I like. Life is short and its happening now. So enjoy doing things you enjoy.



I saw this movie “Limitless” few days ago. In this movie Hero (Bradley Cooper) finds a drug which allows him to access 100% of brain power. Under its influence he is able to do things in excellent level under very short time. Like finishing his novel, learning new language, playing instrument and so on. After watching it,I started to wonder what if I find that kind of drug.What would I do??

At first all the big things came into my mind,big scenario where I’m doing some great things. Saving the world (didn’t know from what/who,but still..), Finding antidotes for diseases,etc etc. But as I thought more about this,surprisingly I didn’t wanted to do all this great world-changing things. I wanted to do things that I like, things which matters to me. That doesn’t mean finding antidotes for deadly disease doesn’t matter to me. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Then what would I do? Well there are so many things I want to do. I would bring new,unique,big ideas for my every future projects (I am Interior designer). I would do some beautiful paintings. I would write some great books. Learn to play guitar. Learn few new languages and earn some money using my 100% brain power so I can visit beautiful places around the world.
I know it seems small things when you have so much power. But these are the things I really want to do. These are the thing I am interested in doing..

Sincere about work? Me?? Not always.


At my first job,I had a reputation(in my Boss’s eyes) as a sincere employee. But the truth was,I wasn’t always sincere about work. Well at some level I was,but not always. Let me tell you one particular incident abut this.

July 2008 I landed on my first job. I was fresh out of college. As new to work I worked hard and did my job sincerely. Always eager to learn new thing. Applying new concepts. Seeing this my boss believed that I’m very sincere person. And I was living up to my reputation. Newness wore off after couple of months. And boring routine work started. Still I was working sincerely.
Boss was very demanding. He expected us to work like dogs but wasn’t even throwing big bones our way. I got tired of this, but still was working sincerely.

30 Jan 2008. This was the exact date when I proved that I’m not always sincere about my work.

So this particular day,Boss was out of station for office work. Day was slow, work was boring. I survived till mid-afternoon. Then I got restless. There were only 2 other employees in office. One of them was my college friend. She was getting bored too. So we made a plan. We told our colleague that there’s some problem on one site, and we are going to check that out. We got out of office and went straight to movie theater. It was a mystery thriller. We enjoyed the first half,ate popcorn at interval. And reached to the point where “who’s the killer?” question was getting solved step-by-step.

And then something bad happened. Boss called on my friends cell phone. Answer or not to answer,that was the question. After a brief discussion we came to the conclusion that answering call had less consequence than not answering. So we came out of the theater to answer the call. We told Boss about fake site-problem, he got a little suspicious. So we lied some more,he brought it. This is how I proved not only that I wasn’t sincere about my work but I can lie about it too.

But the terrible thing happened after we ended the call. We went back in the theater. But movie was already ended and final credits were rolling on screen when we entered. Between all this answering-the-Boss-call fiasco we hand’n got chance see “who’s the killer?”


“Yeppee”, I yelled and pumped my fist in the air. Well because I got nominated for Liebster award from my dear fellow blogger Jennifer.
Thank you I am feeling blessed.


The purpose of it is to encourage writers of new blogs and explore more of this world of blogging. Since I just started blogging, this nomination boosted my confidence.

Here are the rules for Liebster Award :

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

My answers for questions asked by Jennifer.

1. What was your first thought when you realized you had been nominated for the Liebster award?
My first thought was,”What?Me??” I didn’t believe that I got nominated. I mean I just started blogging,so this was a total surprise.

2. Who was your best friend when you were a child?
My brother was and is my best friend.My father works for government and he got transferred every 2-3 years. So we changed school more often. We didn’t stick enough to one place to make best friends so we were there for each other.

3. If you were a chair ~ what kind of chair would you be.
This kind.


4. Are you a goal driven person or are you a process oriented person?
I thing I’m process oriented person. I’m willing to remain open and follow in new directions instead of mainstream ways of achieving results.

5. You have lost your car keys where would you look first?
Nowhere. Because I don’t have car.

6. Do you use affirmations? do you have one you would like to share?
No.I don’t use one.

7. In one sentence describe your perfect day.
Well this is simple one. You’ll find it in my About page too. “A warm bed, good book, and a lazy afternoon: this is my idea of perfect day.”

8. If you could go back to any age just for a week what age would you chose?.
20. When I was in college. To quote Bryan Adams “Those were the best days of my life.”

9. Are you a mornings person or do you like to stay up late?
I like to stay up late. And read a good book or watch movie.

10 Can you finish this sentence please? STAY CALM AND…

Here are my nominees for the Liebster award.

Here are my Questions:

1.Your favorite book?

2.If you could get one superpower,which one you’ll pick?

3.Do you believe in Magic?

4.Name 5 things you can’t live without.

5.If you win lottery,first thing you’ll buy?

6.What makes you happy?

7.Your favorite fiction character from movie/book/T.V?

8.What do you do in your leisure?

9.What is your guilty pleasure?

10.Your favorite quote?