Why I started sleeping on legless bed


I have a confession to make. I am little afraid of darkness if I’m alone . Not that INNER kind of darkness but actual darkness. If there is a light then I am the most fearless person in the whole wide world. But leave me alone in the darkness and all kind of creepy things starts to enter my mind. Like there is someone standing behind me,someone is peeking through window etc etc.

Ok. Lets come to the point. As I mentioned in my earlier post that I love reading. I read all kind of books. Comedy, tragedy, thriller,mystery, romance, sci-fi, horror. Alright not so much horror but still I read it time to time. Ok now lets come to the point seriously.

So one fine day I went to the library and I saw this book ‘The Exorcist’ there. It looked interesting so I picked it. I started reading it at that night. As I was turning page after page I started to get little bit afraid after each page turning. I was alone in the room and only my bed side table-lamp was on. Everything else was in shadows. I finished reading novel sometime after 2:00.The whole story was playing in my mind again. The little girl, her mother,the priest,the act of performing exorcism. And I got scared, like really really scared.Then suddenly this creepy thought entered my mind that there is someone under my bed.And it really freaked me out. So the whole night I was up with every single light turned on in room. And I didn’t dare to look under my bed.

So the long story short, the very next day I removed legs off of my bed (it’s a folding bed). And put my bed plain on the floor without legs. Now I don’t have to be afraid of the thought that someone is there under my bed.



2 thoughts on “Why I started sleeping on legless bed

  1. Hi I really like the theme, its clean and allows your images and posts to make the statement. Do you live in India? I like the photo of the room with your legless bed with the guitar. It gives me the impression you are an pretentious and easy person. Cheers Jenn

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