Where Shadow Chases Light

Usually I don’t read poems. But this one is my favorite. So for day 6 this is new element I am including in my post. With the photograph I’ve taken some time ago.


This is my delight,
thus to wait and watch at the wayside
where shadow chases light
and the rain comes in the wake of the summer.

Messengers, with tidings from unknown skies,
greet me and speed along the road.
My heart is glad within,
and the breath of the passing breeze is sweet.

From dawn till dusk I sit here before my door,
and I know that of a sudden
the happy moment will arrive when I shall see.

In the meanwhile I smile and I sing all alone.
In the meanwhile the air is filling with the perfume of promise.

– by Rabindranath Tagore


5 thoughts on “Where Shadow Chases Light

  1. Hi I was just wondering if your theme has a widget to follow you with an email of your posts? My daughter Georgia did an exchange and spent about 9 months in India travelled a lot. I spent one month and just love India. I will be going back 2015. Where in India are you? Nice poem I will send you one of mine sometime. Cheers Jenn

    • how did I miss your comment ‘ i wonder? Georgia loved India with a heart felt passion. me too. I will google Kolhapur as I dont know it. I went to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Poshina, Udiapur with georgia she also went to Manali, Nepal, Lea, Jodhpur, Jallismire, Varanasi, Goa, Kerula and a few other place I can’t think of now. She is in Europe just now on her way to live in London. My first post was about taking her to the airport. Im going to google Kolhapur now…

      • Actually Georgia traveled a lot. I was only there for a month. I’ve posted in my gallery pictures of me in India if you scroll down on my landing page. I plan to post more photos of India soon.
        I did have a look on the map where Kolhapur and it looks like your about 4 hours drive to Mombi?

  2. Yes my theme has that widget.I’ll put it on my blog. I live in city called Kolhapur which is in Maharashtra state. which cities you traveled when you were in India? Hope your daughter also liked living here.

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