Sincere about work? Me?? Not always.


At my first job,I had a reputation(in my Boss’s eyes) as a sincere employee. But the truth was,I wasn’t always sincere about work. Well at some level I was,but not always. Let me tell you one particular incident abut this.

July 2008 I landed on my first job. I was fresh out of college. As new to work I worked hard and did my job sincerely. Always eager to learn new thing. Applying new concepts. Seeing this my boss believed that I’m very sincere person. And I was living up to my reputation. Newness wore off after couple of months. And boring routine work started. Still I was working sincerely.
Boss was very demanding. He expected us to work like dogs but wasn’t even throwing big bones our way. I got tired of this, but still was working sincerely.

30 Jan 2008. This was the exact date when I proved that I’m not always sincere about my work.

So this particular day,Boss was out of station for office work. Day was slow, work was boring. I survived till mid-afternoon. Then I got restless. There were only 2 other employees in office. One of them was my college friend. She was getting bored too. So we made a plan. We told our colleague that there’s some problem on one site, and we are going to check that out. We got out of office and went straight to movie theater. It was a mystery thriller. We enjoyed the first half,ate popcorn at interval. And reached to the point where “who’s the killer?” question was getting solved step-by-step.

And then something bad happened. Boss called on my friends cell phone. Answer or not to answer,that was the question. After a brief discussion we came to the conclusion that answering call had less consequence than not answering. So we came out of the theater to answer the call. We told Boss about fake site-problem, he got a little suspicious. So we lied some more,he brought it. This is how I proved not only that I wasn’t sincere about my work but I can lie about it too.

But the terrible thing happened after we ended the call. We went back in the theater. But movie was already ended and final credits were rolling on screen when we entered. Between all this answering-the-Boss-call fiasco we hand’n got chance see “who’s the killer?”


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