STOP Doing That!!


Have you ever finished a boring book/movie just because you started reading/watching it. However stupid you thought it was,you completed it just for the heck of it. Well I was that person not long time ago. I kept doing things I no longer enjoy or total useless to me because I was already doing it/ already started it/ already paid for it. This mindset was very bad and unproductive for me. It’s called the “Sunk Cost Fallacy.” It was costing me time/money/energy.

Then I reintroduced this word in my life..“STOP”

Recently I stopped reading ‘Inferno.’ I really wanted to like it,but it just wasn’t for me. So I set it aside. Same thing I did for my health. I was very lazy about doing exercise. I’ll find any excuse to avoid it. One day I decided to STOP making excuses and start doing workout. Now I love every minute of it. Today if ‘I don’t have time/energy for exercise’ kind of excuses come to my mind, I yell STOP at them and start doing my warm-up. In past if I paid for meal, I made sure to eat it all even if I was full. But I realize it wasn’t good for my health. Now if I’m full I say STOP to myself and leave remaining food on my plate. It saves me from bloated stomach.

I finally understood that its ok to stop doing things which no longer holds appeal to you. We all have things in our lives that we continue to do simply because we started them. But just stopping things all the time won’t make you successful. However stopping useless things so that you can divert that extra time, energy, and willpower to completing more important projects will. I struggle now and then applying this in my life. But I am getting there. Now I say STOP to unwanted things and start doing things I like. Life is short and its happening now. So enjoy doing things you enjoy.




I saw this movie “Limitless” few days ago. In this movie Hero (Bradley Cooper) finds a drug which allows him to access 100% of brain power. Under its influence he is able to do things in excellent level under very short time. Like finishing his novel, learning new language, playing instrument and so on. After watching it,I started to wonder what if I find that kind of drug.What would I do??

At first all the big things came into my mind,big scenario where I’m doing some great things. Saving the world (didn’t know from what/who,but still..), Finding antidotes for diseases,etc etc. But as I thought more about this,surprisingly I didn’t wanted to do all this great world-changing things. I wanted to do things that I like, things which matters to me. That doesn’t mean finding antidotes for deadly disease doesn’t matter to me. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Then what would I do? Well there are so many things I want to do. I would bring new,unique,big ideas for my every future projects (I am Interior designer). I would do some beautiful paintings. I would write some great books. Learn to play guitar. Learn few new languages and earn some money using my 100% brain power so I can visit beautiful places around the world.
I know it seems small things when you have so much power. But these are the things I really want to do. These are the thing I am interested in doing..