I saw this movie “Limitless” few days ago. In this movie Hero (Bradley Cooper) finds a drug which allows him to access 100% of brain power. Under its influence he is able to do things in excellent level under very short time. Like finishing his novel, learning new language, playing instrument and so on. After watching it,I started to wonder what if I find that kind of drug.What would I do??

At first all the big things came into my mind,big scenario where I’m doing some great things. Saving the world (didn’t know from what/who,but still..), Finding antidotes for diseases,etc etc. But as I thought more about this,surprisingly I didn’t wanted to do all this great world-changing things. I wanted to do things that I like, things which matters to me. That doesn’t mean finding antidotes for deadly disease doesn’t matter to me. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Then what would I do? Well there are so many things I want to do. I would bring new,unique,big ideas for my every future projects (I am Interior designer). I would do some beautiful paintings. I would write some great books. Learn to play guitar. Learn few new languages and earn some money using my 100% brain power so I can visit beautiful places around the world.
I know it seems small things when you have so much power. But these are the things I really want to do. These are the thing I am interested in doing..


2 thoughts on “Limitless

  1. What an interesting concept. I love these type of ‘what if’ scenarios. I would reduce the time it takes me to find matching pairs of socks….yep – I’m with you on it being all about the little things!

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