Back to the World of Blogging (And The Most Interesting Thing I did in Meantime)

I was away from blogging world for long time. I had to take complete rest for few months due to my health issue. I wont talk about that here. Because it’s personal and bit of boring to readers. Instead I will tell you the most interesting thing I did in that time. As I was on my don’t-do-anything-just-rest mode, I had a lot of time to kill. As you konw I am book lover,I thought why not use this free time to do a little book adventure.


I am huge fan of Harry Potter books.I like the idea of magical world. Reading these books, I can escape to that fascinating, adventurous,magical new world for hours/days. One day lying in bed an idea occur to me,why not read all the seven books back-to-back? Thus the adventure began. I got lost in magic. I read all seven books one by one in just three weeks. But the adventure didn’t end there. After reading all books,I thought why not watch all the movies as well? Actually I don’t like Harry Potter movies as much as books. But they are quit good. So I started to watch a movie per day. And finished all eight movies in seven days.(watched deathly hallows 1&2 same day)

I enjoyed every minute of this Harry Potter adventure. It was awesome. Now I am planning to do these kind of adventures with another books. Lets see whats next?


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