one of those days!

Yesterday was one of those days. You know where nothing goes right or the way you want. Lets make a list of those things (because everybody loves list)

  • I was down with cold
  • S (my daughter) is teething that means cranky baby +marathon nursing+no sleep = irritated+tired mother.
  • Husband kept asking silly questions all day which made me want to punch him in the face.(I didn’t)
  • House was mess. Every surface was covered with clothes,toys,papers.
  • Did I mention no sleep?
  • We went to playground in the evening where S tried to taste every dirty thing from ground. So we had to run around her all the time yelling not to mouth everything.
  • From playground to home husband again asked some silly questions which lead me to shout at him. He kept quite after that.
  • Coming home I was dead tired and wanted to just lie down and read. But S was super clingy and wouldn’t let me read.
  • After chaotic dinner (I wont go into details) we settled for another marathon nursing night.

So that was my yesterday. Hope yours was better.


OMG! It’s been year and half..


..since I last posted on this blog. It may look like I abandoned my blog but that’s not true.  A lot has happened since. Let me tell you the existing news first . I’m a mom now. Yes I gave birth to a little princess. She is now 16 months old. Life has become busier and lot more crazier running around her. That’s why I was away.

Now I have decided to pay some attention to my this baby(i.e.-my blog).  I’ll be posting here when I get some time to breath and relax. So if you are still out there reading this,let me thank you my dear friends for sticking around. I’ll try harder to show up often I promise.