one of those days!

Yesterday was one of those days. You know where nothing goes right or the way you want. Lets make a list of those things (because everybody loves list)

  • I was down with cold
  • S (my daughter) is teething that means cranky baby +marathon nursing+no sleep = irritated+tired mother.
  • Husband kept asking silly questions all day which made me want to punch him in the face.(I didn’t)
  • House was mess. Every surface was covered with clothes,toys,papers.
  • Did I mention no sleep?
  • We went to playground in the evening where S tried to taste every dirty thing from ground. So we had to run around her all the time yelling not to mouth everything.
  • From playground to home husband again asked some silly questions which lead me to shout at him. He kept quite after that.
  • Coming home I was dead tired and wanted to just lie down and read. But S was super clingy and wouldn’t let me read.
  • After chaotic dinner (I wont go into details) we settled for another marathon nursing night.

So that was my yesterday. Hope yours was better.


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